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Percy Pricklebum - Grow Your Own Cacti Kit

Percy Pricklebum - Grow Your Own Cacti Kit

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GROW YOUR OWN CACTUS - A fantastic gift that is also eco friendly.

GARDENING GIFT IDEA - With easy to understand step by step instructions inside every pot, this perfect gift is an ideal gift for gardening enthusiasts as well as first time growers. The pot itself is fully recyclable after use and all inside contents are biodegradable. This growing kit includes the highest quality and often organic seeds with fantastic germination rates!

What's in the Kit? - 1 Packet of mixed cactus seeds, such as: Bishops Cap, Barrel cacti, Old Lady cacti, Pin Cushion & more - Instruction Booklet - 1 packet of Perlite - 3 wooden plant markers - 3 bio pots - 2 soil discs or 1 XLarge disc - 3 regular soil discs - 1 eco tin 1Litre planter

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